Wednesday, June 29, 2011

'True Blood': Why Vampire-Human Relationships Sometimes...Suck

Just one episode into "True Blood"'s fourth season, and our suspicions that something scandalous is about to happen between Sookie and strapping Viking vampire Eric Northman are only getting stronger. We're keeping our fingers crossed for a bloody good love triangle involving the bloodsucker, his rival Bill Compton and, of course, half-human, half-faerie Sookie Stackhouse.
In Bon Temps, it seems vampires have a preference for relations with humans—feeding and intimacy have become inextricably linked, with vampire-loving humans earning the nickname "fangbangers" (see: Hoyt and his undying devotion for Jessica). But does this same relationship dynamic apply to the world of real vamps? We asked our "True Blood" commentator Michelle Belanger to explain.

"Not to say that real vampires aren’t human, but our experience of the world is fairly different," Michelle explained. "Our customs and culture are quite different so having a relationship with [a non-vampire] can be quite challenging."
Click play on the video above to hear what else Michelle has to say about vampire-human relationships!

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