Thursday, October 21, 2010

24-Carat Diamond

There’s something heartening about a gangly, 6'4" youth decked out in rainbow eyeliner and lipstick along with his sneakers and jeans. That’d be one John O’Regan, the Toronto whiz kid known as Diamond Rings. When he opens that pretty, lip-glossed mouth on his debut Special Affections (out Monday October 25), his voice is anything but androgynous. It’s big, it’s sonorous, it’s — well — manly.

To get a sense of O’Regan in all his glory, check out the video for his latest single "Something Else" or the Halloween-time clip for the blues-gospel electro strut of "Wait & See." He’s living it up: loving the music intensely in "Something Else"; dancing through the neighborhood during "Wait & See" like a bird proud of its exotic plumage. But you don’t need the visuals to get at the complicated heart of these shiny love songs. He struggles with identity amidst the synthetic tension of "You Oughta Know." He wants to hold on to his good love on the blissful "You & Me." And on the generous closer "All Yr Songs" he lathers his lover with lotion to keep from burning in summer and offers up his winter sweater to stave off the cold. Beneath the pageantry, that’s the kind of diamond that sparkles brightest.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Rocky Horror GLEE Show

Glee is paying homage to the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show in their 5th episode of season 2, directed by Adam Shankman. I’ve always been a fan of the RHPS and to have that meshed in with glee is pure bliss.

There have been a few artist themed episodes, which I enjoyed, but I’m really glad that they are paying tribute to a classic and just in time for Halloween. The kids of McKinley High put on a high school production of Rocky Horror. Principal Figgins is allowing this? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a high school accomplishing the RHPS on school grounds because of the “R” rating. Only on glee….

WMHS Casting - Rocky Horror:

Rachel = Janet Weiss

Finn = Brad Majors

Mercedes = Dr. Frank-N-Furter

Kurt = Riff Raff

Brittany = Columbia

Santana = Magenta

Sam = Rocky

Artie = Dr. Scott

Dr. Carl = Eddie

Quinn, Tina, Mike, Brittany, & Artie = Partygoers / aka Transylvanians

Alternative Roles: MAGENTA - Quinn; COLUMBIA - Tina; EDDIE - Mike (?).

Unfortunately we’re going to miss out on a new glee episode this Tuesday, due to the MLB playoffs. It’s worth the wait but the anticipation is killing me! Dammit Janet is one of my favorite songs and I heard a preview of it and I think I'm going to need shock treatment just to calm me down. I hope you’re not as anxious as I am. Here is a little preview of what’s in store for us gleeks on the 26th:


Thursday, October 14, 2010

CHROMEO: North American Tour Pre-Sale Offer!

Funkateers and Chromettes of North America, we are giving you the first opportunity to purchase discounted tickets for our upcoming series of US and Canada dates, which we are hereby naming the Risky Business Tour.

More interestingly though, we are also offering a funky bundle that includes the Business Casual album and an autographed tour poster along with your show ticket! Risqué business indeed...

Standard tickets will be on sale to the general public on October 15th.
All the info you need is below.

Username: chromeo
Password: tickets

See you there!
Pee & Dave

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Win A Trip To See Linkin Park And Muse In Australia

Enter to win the lastest CDs from Linkin Park and Muse. Everyone that wins a disc is also qualified to win a trip for two to see both Linkin Park AND Muse in Australia. Yeah, a trip to Australia. That ain’t so bad!

Both bands play Australia in December, so while we’re all getting ready for a cold winter, you’ll be enjoying the summer weather down under. And, you’ll have to report back to let us know if the toilets really do flush in the opposite direction.


Win tickets to UCLA Live's Music & Film Series.

20 Lucky winners will receive tickets to either Phantom of the Opera (1925) with Organist Steven Ball (Sat. Oct. 30) or The Lost World (1925) with Dengue Fever (Fri. Nov. 12).

For more show information, visit:

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Filter Magazine Contests: Los Angeles

FILTER is giving away a pair of tickets to see the following shows:

10/14 Miike Snow, Mark Ronson & The Business, MNDRM @ Club Nokia
10/15 Miike Snow @ The Wiltern
10/17 Jonsi @ The Wiltern
10/18 Jonsi, Mountain Man @ Fox Theatre Pomona
10/18 Foals, Esteban and the Witch @ El Rey
10/19 Broken Social Scene @ The Wiltern
10/19 Superchunk, Vaselines, Telekinisis @ The Music Box

To win the tickets, email: with the show you want to see along with the date & venue as the subject line. Good luck!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


TGI with us & spread the word!!!!


Bingo in Weho 10/10/10

Tonight is the night to TGI at Hamburger Mary's in West Hollywood. For the first time ever, Legendary Bingo is presenting a back-to-back BINGO EVENT and it starts at 7PM.

"Our 7 pm show will benefit "Holden's Hope Train" with special guest MONICA POTTER! Monica is currently one of the stars of the hit t.v. show Parenthood and is also quite famous for Boston Legal, Saw, Head Over Heels and for kicking major bad guy ass in The Last House On The Left. Rumor has it that Monica is bringing members of the "Parenthood" cast and also that cast members of "Castle" are also coming!

And then.....
At 9 pm on Sunday we will pull out our balls again and get our bingo on to benefit the APLA AIDS Marathon with special guest SHARON OSBOURNE! I hope I don't have to list her credits but you can see her above as one of the judges of America's Got Talent. It's Sharon's birthday and we will have a delicious cake from Sweet Lady Jane to commemorate the occasion.

Thank you for supporting our charities and also our drag queens in need of applause and dollar tips.

NOTE: Calpernia Addams and "Unreal" will be back next Sunday night @ 9 pm!"

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Celebration of John Lennon

Happy Birthday to the great John Lennon. Today would've been his 70th Birthday. People all over the world are celebrating his birthday. New York has several events planned. I know they have the remembrance vigil at John's Hollywood Star in Los Angeles but I'm uncertain if they do it for his birthday. Check around town for events. If you're in L.A., you might want to drop by the Grammy Museum for a Lennon treat!

Celebrate it in your own way; whether it's getting together with friends - drinking a beer in his memory, listening to an album, watching a documentary or film, sharing your love of Lennon with a friend or family member, or playing Beatles rockband.

Yoko Ono said, "John's LIFE was a gift to US."

John Lennon's Legacy will forever SHINE ON!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Jane Lynch Hosting SNL 10/9

Jane Lynch hosting SNL was totally inevitable! It was just a matter of time and the time is now! We've always been a fan of Jane and thanks to SUE SYLVESTER, her talent is now recognized worldwide. Congratulations to Jane and all of her recent praises. She's in the Lavender/Limelight and we look forward to watching her host Saturday Night Live tomorrow.

Jane is hilarious and to have her + live sketch comedy is a comedy phenomenon.

Kabbalah On GLBT Relationships

It happens in a "soul level" ~ and it has to be respected!

David Ghiyam - Part of a course entitled Way of the Kabbalist, class on soul mates. For more visit:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Trevor Project PSA with Chris Colfer


It's time for you to TGI with The Trevor Project!

Please join fight to end bullying by texting the word 'KIND' to 85944.
$5 will be donated to The Trevor Project, which has a 24/7 suicide-support help line for LGBT & questioning youth

See JENNY & JOHNNY for FREE 10/10/10

Just received great news that Jenny & Johnny have been added to the line-up for this Sunday's Toyota Antics Block Party @ FILTER Magazine's Culture Collide.

So many awesome bands (Tokyo Police Club, The Tender Box and White Lies)
are scheduled to play from 2PM- 9PM. This Funday is filled with music, drinks, food, screen printing, and more. Plus it's FREE! Be sure to RSVP ASAP!