Thursday, June 30, 2011

Exclusive: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 - Chamber of Secrets

Check our our exclusive Harry Potter clip, where Ron and Hermione enter a chamber of secrets! What do you think of it?


‘Suicide bid’ by Tudors’ Jonathan Rhys Meyers


Hunk ... Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII <br/>in BBC's The Tudors
Hunk ... Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII
in BBC's The Tudors

TROUBLED telly hunk Jonathan Rhys Meyers was taken to hospital by ambulance after a suspected suicide attempt.

Hellraiser Meyers - Henry VIII in BBC series The Tudors - is believed to have downed pills at his £3million home.
Paramedics answering a 999 call found him slumped on the floor. But they had to call police after he refused treatment at the scene for more than 30 minutes. A source said: "This is very sad. It was the opinion of those present that he tried to take his life."
The 33-year-old - who has been battling a drink problem - was finally taken to a hospital near his home in Maida Vale, Central London, on Tuesday night.
He was discharged in the early hours yesterday. Asked later how he was, red-eyed Meyers told The Sun: "No comment."
Yesterday a woman neighbour said: "I saw the ambulance arriving and was worried to death.
"Jonathan is a lovely guy. You see him all the time in the street. He says hello and is very pleasant. I hope he is fine."
Earlier this month he checked into a five-star rehabilitation centre in South Africa - his fifth stint in rehab. Irish-born Meyers has starred in movies including Alexander and Bend It Like Beckham and is a former Hugo Boss model.
He has spoken before about his booze hell. And he admitted: "When I do drink I'm like Bambi. I'm all over the place like a 16-year-old kid."
Last night Scotland Yard confirmed: "Officers were called by London Ambulance Service following reports of a man refusing treatment. The man was taken to hospital."

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Census Data: Lesbians More Likely to Live in Norcal, Gay Men in SoCal

​Last week, NYC beat California to marriage equality. (Well, unless you count our fleeting sliver of justice in 2008.) So, for one honorary week, we'll refrain from calling it New York Shitty. Though that won't stop the Onion from picking up where we left off.
Anyway, while the topic is hot, the Williams Institute, a UCLA think tank devoted to LGBT law, has taken the opportunity to release some pretty graphs showing where most gay/lesbian couples live, where they don't live, how many babies they have, etc. One odd California stat in particular caught our eye:
According to 2010 Census data, the vast majority of lesbian couples live in NorCal, while gay couples tend to gravitate toward the bottom of the state.
Oh, shit. Is SoCal unfriendly to girl-on-girl action? (No, not that kind. Obviously.)
It's no secret that same-sex couples tend to avoid the rural deserts and farmlands of eastern Calfornia -- and the folks out there made it very clear, on their Prop. 8 ballots, that the feeling was mutual. But aside from that, we're a little perplexed by these LGBT migration patterns:

lesbians norcal gays socal.jpg
The Williams Institute
​ It's important to note that lesbian couples outnumber gay couples overall. After accounting for that difference, though, the data clearly shows that girls are clustered up north, saturating counties like Sonoma, Mendocino and Humboldt with their out-and-proudness. Man couples, on the other hand, are a little more spread out. But their biggest concentration is throughout SoCal -- in Los Angeles, San Deigo and Riverside Counties.
The two groups overlap in San Francisco, but we could have told you that.
Most disconcerting is the fact that lesbian couples show up scarce in L.A. County -- one of the most popular spots for gay men. (FYI: Probably because it includes so many conservative rural bits, L.A. County actually voted majority "yes" on Prop. 8.)
So. Do lesbians feel unwelcome here? If so, this might speak to recent feminist upset in West Hollywood, L.A.'s token gayborhood, where some complain it's gotten too boy-centric. Thus the push to name itself "Boystown," and the noticeable rarity of girls' nights on the club circuit.
The trend would also reinforce the stereotype of woodsy, au naturale granola lesbians living in Humboldt and its surrounding hippie hoods, while plastic Gaga gays work on their abs/tans down south.

Ridley Scott, Michael Fassbender, and Noomi Rapace Talk PROMETHEUS

Today is Speak in Broad Strokes About Prometheus Day.  For some, it may be a cause for celebration since the project thrived for months on misinformation and double speak.  First we believed it to be a strict Alien prequel, then two prequels, then one prequel again.  Oh, but it isn’t really an Alien prequel, except that it kinda is in the sense that it’s set in the same universe prior to the events of Alien, as scripter Damon Lindelof emphasized earlier today.  Glean from that what you will.

In part two of SIBSAP Day, Ridley Scott and Prometheus stars Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace attended CineEurope tonight to sell European exhibitors on the prospects of the 3D sci-fi project. Production is underway in London, but they obviously didn’t bring any footage or images or anything that would reveal what Prometheus is literally about. But the trio did speak to the themes of the movie. The first hint of a prequel centered on the question “Who the hell was that space jockey?“  Scott conceded that the desire to explore that mystery inspired him to revisit the Alien universe.  He attributed further inspiration to sci-fi author Erich von Däniken, a proponent of the “ancient astronaut” theory that credits civilization on earth to extraterrestrials:

“The (space) journey, metaphorically, is about a challenge to the gods… NASA and the Vatican agree that is almost mathematically impossible that we can be where we are today without there being a little help along the way.  That’s what we’re looking at (in the film), at some of Erich von Däniken’s ideas of how did we humans come about.”

That is an intriguing idea.  In Greek mythology, Prometheus is a Titan that stole fire from the gods and gave it to the mortals.  Scott confirmed at CineEurope the title refers to a space ship sent from Earth by a powerful corporation, possibly for the purpose of terraforming.
THR doesn’t provide a direct quote from Fassbender, instead offering this maddening paraphrase:

“Fassbender did hint his character, David, might be a version of the infamous corporate-designed android that plays a pivotal role in all Alien films.”

Rapace restricted herself to talk about the production: she described her work as “hard and sweaty” and claimed the 73-year-old Scott “still has more energy than all of us combined.”
Prometheus is scheduled for release on June 8, 2012.


'True Blood': Why Vampire-Human Relationships Sometimes...Suck

Just one episode into "True Blood"'s fourth season, and our suspicions that something scandalous is about to happen between Sookie and strapping Viking vampire Eric Northman are only getting stronger. We're keeping our fingers crossed for a bloody good love triangle involving the bloodsucker, his rival Bill Compton and, of course, half-human, half-faerie Sookie Stackhouse.
In Bon Temps, it seems vampires have a preference for relations with humans—feeding and intimacy have become inextricably linked, with vampire-loving humans earning the nickname "fangbangers" (see: Hoyt and his undying devotion for Jessica). But does this same relationship dynamic apply to the world of real vamps? We asked our "True Blood" commentator Michelle Belanger to explain.

"Not to say that real vampires aren’t human, but our experience of the world is fairly different," Michelle explained. "Our customs and culture are quite different so having a relationship with [a non-vampire] can be quite challenging."
Click play on the video above to hear what else Michelle has to say about vampire-human relationships!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Glee’s Dianna Agron Calls for LGBT Acceptance

The actress who plays Quinn Fabray on Glee is making good use of her show’s filming hiatus by promoting tolerance, both onstage and on the Web.

Dianna Agron, who in April wrote a heartfelt piece about costar Chris Colfer for Time magazine’s 2011 list of the world’s 100 most influential people, has taken to her personal blog to share her thoughts on the importance of accepting people for who they are.

“Kindness moves mountains,” Agron wrote. “Acceptance opens doors, makes room for change, diffuses misunderstanding. Every day, people commit hate crimes because of misunderstandings. Hate effects the target, and consumes the person behind the gun. It is crazy to realize that we have been in war for almost our entire existence on this planet. Many times for reasons of greed and hate.”

Agron, who’s in the midst of Glee’s month-long, 42-show summer tour, also defended her choice to don a T-shirt bearing the message “Likes Girls” in a recent performance: “Many of you asked, ‘why?’ This is my response. I am not asking for you to agree with what I am saying, but if you are listening, thank you. That is all I can ask. ... I am lucky to live in a place where I can wear almost anything that I want to express myself, and that jail is not a probable consequence. Which makes me feel as if I should exercise my right to do so every now and then.”

Read Dianna's full blog entry here.

Katy Perry's Last Friday Night

T.G.I. with Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) Katy Perry's latest video. When I first heard the album, this was my favorite song and my niece kept repeating the song. The song is so cute and this video makes it cuter! Didn't think that was possible.

I wanna party at this 80's party! Kathy Beth Terry is a geeky girl that goes to a party and is just another fly on the wall; Makeover madness and then guys think she's hot. It reminds me of She's Out of Control. Why do girls always think they have to get all super hot to be with the hunky popular guy when they end up with the guy that was right under their nose the whole time? I guess it's the experience of it all.

The video has cameos by gleeks Darren Criss & Kevin McHale.

It also has appearances by Rebecca Black (Friday), Kenny G, Hanson, and 80's teen icons Corey Feldman & Debbie Gibson.


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Bridget McManus is so funny & hot! Even hotter because she has a lovely singing voice. She just shared this DRY HUMP video and told everybody, "Happy Pride!" So, I just wanted to relay it on to the rest of ya'll celebrating Pride.