Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bingo in Weho 10/10/10

Tonight is the night to TGI at Hamburger Mary's in West Hollywood. For the first time ever, Legendary Bingo is presenting a back-to-back BINGO EVENT and it starts at 7PM.

"Our 7 pm show will benefit "Holden's Hope Train" with special guest MONICA POTTER! Monica is currently one of the stars of the hit t.v. show Parenthood and is also quite famous for Boston Legal, Saw, Head Over Heels and for kicking major bad guy ass in The Last House On The Left. Rumor has it that Monica is bringing members of the "Parenthood" cast and also that cast members of "Castle" are also coming!

And then.....
At 9 pm on Sunday we will pull out our balls again and get our bingo on to benefit the APLA AIDS Marathon with special guest SHARON OSBOURNE! I hope I don't have to list her credits but you can see her above as one of the judges of America's Got Talent. It's Sharon's birthday and we will have a delicious cake from Sweet Lady Jane to commemorate the occasion.

Thank you for supporting our charities and also our drag queens in need of applause and dollar tips.

NOTE: Calpernia Addams and "Unreal" will be back next Sunday night @ 9 pm!"

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