Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Get The Look: Dianna Agron's 'Glee' Dress Is Summer Sensational

It's not often that the cast of "Glee" rocks right. outside. our. office (a.k.a Times Square). So it goes without saying that yesterday was a pretty awesome day for us (we even sent an intrepid intern to cover the madness!). While all eyes were on the "Glee" cast as they filmed (seriously, the sidewalks were packed!), our eyes were pretty much glued on Dianna Agron, who arrived on the "set" in a super-cute, totally summer-ready, printed dress that we knew we had to have the moment we saw it.
Lucky for us (and our readers!), we're pretty determined gals, and with a little investigative prowess we were able to track it down.

Dianna's on-set "Mompos" dress was from Plenty by Tracy Reese, and is available at Anthropologie for $228. As described on the site, the look features "eyelet-style embroidery" and a "full A-line skirt" (in other words, it's adorable).
Now, if $228 is a little steep in your book, we've got you covered. Check out these slightly different but affordable alternatives:

Denim Flower Crochet Insert Waist Sundress from
Top Shop
Similarity: This dress only features embroidery along the waist-line, but the colors are a near-match, and it's quite a bargain (and we're always willing to compromise for that!).
Cost: $70

Flower Embroidered '50s Dress from
Similarity: If you thought the original look just needed a touch more embroidery, then this is the dress for you.
Cost: $116.55
See how easy it is to get the look? If you're feeling especially bold wear it to Times Square and take part in your own "Glee" re-enactment (okay, maybe we're pushing it now but how fun would that be?!).

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