Tuesday, May 10, 2011

'Glee' Star Heather Morris Shy About Fame But Loves Reading Fan Mail

We have a lot of love for "Glee" here at Hollywood Crush. The songs, the guest stars, when they film outside our offices, etc. etc. For our fellow Gleeks who follow our coverage here, it's no secret that one of my favorite cast members is amazing scene-stealer Brittany S. Pierce, played by Heather Morris.
A few weeks back, when we caught up with Morris and her roommate Ashley Lendzion to learn how to make short films, we snuck in a few Heather-specific questions at the end of our interview.

First, it must be noted that Heather doesn't love talking about herself OR the idea that she is almost universally loved by "Glee" fans. It makes her nervous, which is an adorably refreshing quality in a popular actress. What she will discuss, however, is how much love she has for her fans and receiving fan mail.

"Fan mail I think is wonderful; I think it's so sweet. I like to read a lot of the stuff," Heather said. "Most of the time because people don't want anything in return, some people do, but... I just started reading them recently. I'm excited to see what they all say."
With the popularity of Heather's character, Brittany, on the rise, she revealed she's been receiving a lot more mail.
"I just got, I've never gotten a bin of fan mail and my manager said, 'I have a huge, huge, huge bin for you.' I was like, 'Really?!'" She was like, 'Do you want me to sort through it and go through the ones that you don't want to read?' I said, 'How about you give it to me and I'll read my own fan mail.' I don't need somebody [else] to sign it."

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